Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Farm Shares are on sale

For information about farm shares, go to the CSA BLOG


I am growing my 3rd batch of microgreens. They are almost ready to pick. Tonight I plan on picking some delicious PEA SHOOTS.
So far this has been fun and easy. I haven't run the numbers yet but my sense is that they cost alot to produce. Each seed makes a tiny seedling, packed with nutrients and sweetly delicious but the same seed can also produce a whole kale or chard plant making pounds of greens. So it's a bit puzzling. Also, I am learning about whether or not to reuse the potting soil for multiple batches. The directions say to compost the used soil and that may be the best plan but using fresh soil each time increases the cost. ASIDE: (I feel like I am writing this in such a farmer-like way, trying really think about the crop. Perhaps that is a sign that my farming skills are growing. I believe so. But a completely different way to write about these tiny greens would be: WOW! These are so fantastic! Yummy, fresh and packed with nutrients. Such a treat for the winter time! If I have extra, I will let people know and you can come buy a bag! You will be very happy if you do.) BACK TO THE PRACTICAL: SO, it may be that I will grow these for myself or for additions to the shares. But who knows, maybe I'll get good at it, find inexpensive sources of seed and soil and eventually wholesale to restaurants, etc. In the meantime, I'ma gonna grow me some greens!
(These pictures DO NOT do the microgreens justice. And the flavor is amazing.)