Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ancona egg. Really these are the palest of tan/pink, almost white.
I am learning to grow microgreens! They are delicious.
An assortment of new green eggs from the young hens.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

EGGS and other EXTRAS

Most of my produce is sold via farm shares but sometimes I have way too much to give to the shares. This season (2012) I will be trying out a new system in addition to the prepaid shares. When I have extra vegetables, I will send out a list of items that people can ask me to pick to order. I haven't worked out the details yet, but if you are interested in receiving emails about that and about extra eggs, just let me know! My idea is to send an email once a week and people could let me know what they want. I will pick those items and have them ready to be picked up at the farm. This would allow folks to hear about available vegetables and to buy them when it is most useful in their lives. Interested? I hope to grow extra green beans (mostly Rattlesnake because they taste so good), mesclun and maybe some other greens to cook. Other items from my lengthy crop list will be available when the individual crop is in full swing and it's doing well. No promises. And of course, the shares will always take precedence. Some of the items that might be available will be tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, garlic, and more. I am aiming to have mesclun each week. It's an experiment, for sure. At the moment, I think that Saturday would be a good pick up day, mostly because it would not conflict with the CSA share pick up day of Thursday. More details to follow... SOME OF THE EXCESS FROM LAST YEAR: (Not to mention the 10 gallons of edename in my freezer...)

Monday, May 23, 2011


I seem to have a theme going on here. No actual Farm Stand, but do call or email if you want some vegetables or eggs. If you check the CSA blog post, you will be able to see what is in season, but you can also just ask me.

I maintain a separate email list for EGG CUSTOMERS, sending out messages when needed, no more often than once a week. I am happy to add you to the list if you would like that.

Some of the main crops I will be growing this year, and hope to have enough to sell, are:
Mesclun, beans, summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, hot peppers and scallions.


Like last year, there is no farm stand this year. BUT if you need something, feel free to call or email me to ask about fresh vegetables and flowers. I am growing a lot of them! I also have delicious chicken eggs available most every day. Everything at the farm, including the eggs, are grown organically, although the farm is not certified as organic. I am very picky about never using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides anywhere on the farm. It makes me shudder just to think of it!

Call a day ahead and I will pick flowers or vegetables for you. I can put them or eggs in a cooler in the screen house/farm stand for you to pick up. For a list of all the crops I am growing this year, click on "back to the farm" and look at the entry for 2010 crops. I love to grow everythng!

Eggs are $4.00 a dozen.