Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Harvest

Trying a new system today.  I picked all the things that I thought might be enough for extras.  The share picking will happen late this afternoon and Thursday morning.  Also, I am going to store items in bulk and pack them up as needed to stock the little frig or to fill requests.

Eggs are all reserved or being saved for hatching at the moment.

What's available:
Kale - 7 bunches - $3.00 each
Mesclun - 5 pounds - $8.00 a pound
Radishes - 4 bunches - $1.00 each
Pak choy - 2 bags - $3.00 each

I will be in and out this afternoon but email or call if you want me to save something.  Mostly home on Thursday and Friday.  

Friends are coming over for supper and singing on Thursday at 6.  You are welcome to join us.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eggs & Extras May 24, 2012

Hello gang,

I am feeling my way this second week of both farm shares and extras.  Naturally, the harvest is for both things and I haven't quite sorted out how to determine what is extra and when that is clear.  Usually, I email on Wednesdays but it might make more sense to write you on Thursdays when the shares are ready, or possibly even Friday, after pick up of the shares.  Stay tuned!

Today's Extras:
Kale - 2 bunches - 3.50 each
Radishes - 3 bunches - 1.00 each
Mesclun - 8 bags - 2.50 each
Just leaf lettuce mix (more mild than the mesclun) - 4 bags - 2.50 each
Salad turnips - 1 bunch - 2.50
Head lettuce - 3 heads (1 is buttercrunch) - 1.00 each

All eggs are spoken for at the moment.  We will probably have a short lull in eggs for the next few days because...we have a broody hen!  Once she is established in her special nesting box all the green eggs and Welsummer eggs will go to her for hatching.  We are hoping for more Welsummer hens and some olive green eggs next spring.

While you are at the farm, be sure to peek in at the ducklings.  They are very cute!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eggs & Extras - May 16, 2012

Red Rosie Romaine lettuce
May 16, 2012

Hello folks,

This is my first week this season picking for both the farm shares and the extras.  The shares, of course, always get priority on what's available but there are still lots of delicious greens and lettuce for you all.

This is what's available this week:
Eggs - 2 dozen, with coming all the time.  $4.00 a dozen
Swiss chard - 3 big bunches - $3.00 each (huge, green and juicy!)
Kale - 2 bunches - $3.00 each - large, yet tender
Buttercrunch lettuce - 3 small heads - $1.00 each
Red Romaine lettuce - 1 bag of 2 smallish heads - $2.50
Mesclun - 3 bags, about 4 oz. each - $2.50 each

I'll be home most of the time for the next few days; email or call if you want me to reserve something for you.  The Farm Members will be picking up their shares Thursday afternoon, so if you come then you can meet some other friends of Sweet Morning Farm.  The chicks are in their new outdoor pen and looking really cute, if you feel like some entertainment while you are here.  On Saturday, Robin and I will be planting and you are welcome to join in if you feel like playing in the dirt.

No pictures posted yet but you can check the farm facebook page later on.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eggs & Extras - May 9, 2012

Note:  Full and Half Share folks, come by for your free bag of spinach!  Yummy.

May 9, 2012
Hello people,

Picking took a very long time today.  Mostly I was just slow, but the vegetables needed extra washing because of soil that splashed up on the leaves during the rain.  I decided to thin the next batch of mesclun, so it can get nice and big and because thinning during a gentle rain is the absolute best time for the plants.  

The result?  Micro mesclun!
This is a delicious mix of the next batch of greens, including mizuna, arugula, turnips, 4 kinds of mustard, cress, shungiku, kale, and tiny lettuce leaves.  A treat that is only available this week.  And really tasty.

The Giant Winter spinach continues to crank out lots of big, tasty leaves.  I did notice a few plants starting to bolt so this batch will be going by relatively soon.  For today, we have LOTS!  
*******In fact, there is so much that I would like to offer all the official Full and Half Share farm members a half pound bag, as a treat and a warm up for next week's first official shares.*******

I "field washed" most of the greens to get the garden off them but they need to be washed again before they are ready for eating.

Available this week:
Eggs only 1/2 dozen at the moment - $4.00/dozen - The hens are laying about 18 per day.
Radishes - 1 bunch - $1.25
Spinach - 6 bags - $3.00 each (This is in addition to the giveaway bags.)
Kale - 2 bunches - 2 bunches - $3.00 each
Chicory - 1 bunch - $2.50
Buttercrunch lettuce - 4 bags - $2.50 each
Micro mesclun - 7 bags - $3.00 each
Salad mix - 2 bags - $3.00 each - mostly lettuce this week, mild
Nettles! - 3 bags - $3.00 each - a special spring treat, great with butter

Pictures of the food here.

Since next week is the start of the official farm shares, I am not sure how that will affect the extras list.  I am sure there will be extra items, but priority will be given to the shares.  Also, I think I will not be sending out an email about the extras until later in the day on Wednesday, possibly early evening.  Having both the extras list and the farm shares is new this year so it will take a few weeks to work out the best way to coordinate the picking, pick up and communications.  Please be patient and please let me know if you have ideas for improvement.

As usual, let me know if you want me to save something for you.  If you Half and Full Share people don't want spinach, let me know that and I will either sell it or freeze it.  Or eat it.  Spanikopita sounds pretty good to me!

I am still hoping for a larger refrigerator.  Sadly, the one someone gave us recently doesn't seem to work.  Sure looks good on the porch, though.

And, biggest farm news:  Baby ducks are arriving May 22!  We are getting Cayugas and Welsh Harlequins.

Sweet Morning Farm


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eggs & Extras - May 2, 2012

Good morning, people who eat eggs and green vegetables!

Nice and cool and rainy here.  I hope to do some more transplanting later today while this gentle weather holds.

Today's List:
Eggs - 2 dozen - $4.00 each
Radishes - 4 bunches - $1.25 each
Sorrel - 1 nice bunch - $2.00 - vegetable sleeper item - so nice and lemony, great with potatoes or eggs
Pak choy - 4 bags - $2.00 each
Buttercrunch lettuce - 2 bags - $2.00 each
Mesclun - 5 bags - $3.00 each
Turnips - 4 big bunches (with turnips, 2 vegetables in one) - $2.50 each
Swiss Chard - 2 bunches - $3.50 each

It is VERY helpful if people return clean, dry bags.  Especially the heavy weight freezer bags.  I'll put a bag on the porch for returns.  Thank you!

Email or call if you want me to save something for you.  Or just stop by and take pot luck.

Harvest News:

Today I picked the first of the head LETTUCE, some sweet and tender Buttercrunch.  

Today's nutrition bargain:  I picked all the Hakarei TURNIPS that had bolted.  Some have formed round, delicious roots and some got too hot before they could root up, so they are for greens.  Each bunch has at least 5 round roots.  Last week I tried cooking the tops, including the buds and flowers, and they are delicious!  Think broccoli raab...  They would make a nice addition to salad.  I also grated the roots, added chopped up radishes, and seasoned the mix with rice vinegar, mirin, sugar and cayenne.  This made a really nice (and pink!) side dish.

The CHARD is the best I have ever grown, large, tender and tasty.  Something about the protection of the hoophouse, I guess.

The MESCLUN in the HH may be slowing down a bit.  There will be head lettuces to take up the slack and the outside mesclun is nearly ready for thinning so there will be plenty of salad greens.

I will probably pick some NETTLES on Saturday and will share if you ask for them.  Otherwise, Rob and I will eat them up.  You can check the "farm stand" blog for updates.

If you feel like playing in the dirt this Saturday, stop by for our first Sweet Morning Farm Work Bee!  The next Bee will be June 2.  Farm Picnic will be Saturday, August 18. 

Sweet Morning Farm Shares still available.  I'd love to have you as a farm member!
Full Shares:  $600.00 to $675.00  (20 - 24 weeks, weather dependant, starting May 17)
Half Shares:  $300.00 to $350.00  (20 - 24 weeks, weather dependant, starting May 17)
Mini Shares:  $100.00 (16 weeks - starting June 7)
Extended Mini Shares:  $125.00 (20 weeks - starting June 7)  (Only 1 left.)
Pick up at the Farm on Thursday afternoons.

Have a great day,

For more pictures and ongoing news see Sweet Morning Farm on Facebook