Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 28, 2012

Today's Pickings

This is March, right?
I guess this is what it means to have a hoophouse!  I am thrilled.  Today I picked a fair amount of fresh green things for you.

More pictures of today's harvest:

(You don't need to use facebook to see these.)

No extra eggs at the moment but only because several people have reserved some.  The hens are laying at least 1 1/2 dozen a day so just say the word if you want some on the weekend.

5 bags mesclun - includes tiny Pak Choy in bud (think broccoli) and lots of arugula and mustard - $3.00 each
3 bunches radishes - the first of the season, tender and crunchy - $1.25 a bunch
1 bunch chicory - slightly bitter yet sweet and juicy - $2.50
1 bunch Red Garnet mustard greens - $2.50
3 bags microgreens - mostly mizuna and the last microgreens for awhile - $1.00 a bag
3 bags pea shoots - $2.00 a bag
1 bunch French sorrel - $1.00

Usually I remember to leave some eggs and other extras in the porch frig when I am out.  As long as someone's name is not on the item, it's available.  Email, call, check the "Farm Stand" blog, or feel free to stop by and take a chance that there will be something yummy for you.

Please return clean, dry bags, if possible.  Thanks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


These days I try to send out an email each week to people that are interested in eggs and other fresh, homegrown items.  Today's list includes 10 bags of microgreens, picked this morning in the hoophouse, and 5 dozen eggs.  Since sending the message around noon, I've sold 3 dozen eggs and 2 bags of greens.  The hens keep laying and the greens keep growing so there will be more coming along.

It was lovely to pick the microgreens.  It was my first real harvest from the hoophouse!  Later I weeded and took note of the kinds of plants coming up out there.  Jewelweed, lamb's quarters, and maple trees for weeds; poppies, carrots, fava beans, and horseradish for planted crops.

In the next few weeks I expect there to be plenty of eggs and for microgreens, mesclun, arugula and radishes to be coming along.  If you would like to receive emails about what is available each week, send me a note.