Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eggs & Extras - October 28, 2012

We are still getting about 2 dozen eggs a day lately!  It's pretty amazing.  I am curious to see if the coming storm affects the laying.  Also, we recently culled the flock to its winter size and that means all the birds are rearranging their position in the flock, including who gets to roost where, who gets the choicest morsels found by the roosters, etc.

All the hens have been doing a great job of cleaning up the yard and garden, specializing in weed seeds and bugs.  We've been letting the birds run all over the place lately, when we are home to watch over them, and they really are helping out!  Thanks, girls.

I haven't started regular picking for extras yet.  (We just had the last farm share week last week.)  Growing in the garden and ready to pick by request: daikon radishes, chard, and mesclun.

Eggs Available today
Small - 2 dozen -  $3.00
Large - 3 dozen - $4.00

There are eggs in the mini frig on the porch so stop by any time during day light hours.  Help yourself to any eggs that are not labeled with someone's name.
Singers - Probably will not be singing this week.  Sorry.  Next Sunday for sure though!