Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Harvest

Trying a new system today.  I picked all the things that I thought might be enough for extras.  The share picking will happen late this afternoon and Thursday morning.  Also, I am going to store items in bulk and pack them up as needed to stock the little frig or to fill requests.

Eggs are all reserved or being saved for hatching at the moment.

What's available:
Kale - 7 bunches - $3.00 each
Mesclun - 5 pounds - $8.00 a pound
Radishes - 4 bunches - $1.00 each
Pak choy - 2 bags - $3.00 each

I will be in and out this afternoon but email or call if you want me to save something.  Mostly home on Thursday and Friday.  

Friends are coming over for supper and singing on Thursday at 6.  You are welcome to join us.


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