Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eggs & Extras 12/11/12

December 11, 2012

Hello people,

There are a few green things to share today.  The mesclun mix includes kale, mustard, arugula, claytonia, chickweed, beet greens, and more.  Really nutritious and yummy and grown in Leyden in December!  Most vegetables have really slowed down their growth but the claytonia and mustard keep growing despite short days.  

The ducks however, stopped laying once the days became shorter than 9 1/4 hours.  Interesting.  Now I am pondering either giving them artificial light or waiting to see if they start up when the days get over that length again.  On days that I am home I let the ducks and chickens wander about, eating bugs and weed seeds.  The two species generally get along, although I don't think they understand each others language.  The Muscovy drake and the White Rock rooster have had two brief confrontations.  Each guy has won one round.  I am hoping they have figured out their relationship now.  Sadly, we lost one Buff Orpington to a hawk last week.  Dang. 

Let me know if you want any eggs or veggies and I will label and hold them for you.  This is the only week for daikons.  
Sweet Morning Farm

On hand today:
3 bags mesclun - $3.00 each
3 pound daikon - $2.50 a pound
1 pound watermelon radishes (spicy!) - $2.00
5 - 7 dozen large eggs - $4.00 each
*note: individual eggs vary in size, mostly L/XL but a few mediums mixed in.  Total weight for dozen = Large
1/2 dozen duck eggs - $2.50

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